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Blogging on LinkedIn (4 of 4): Don’t Focus on the Numbers

Don’t Focus on the Numbers, Focus on the Engagement I realize what I’m about to say is completely hypocritical of the title, but… Let’s talk about numbers. Even if you’ve followed my step-by-step tutorial on publishing on Pulse and used all of my suggestions for getting results and the best types of content, you may […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (3 of 4): Content to Publish

Types of Content to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse Now that it’s clear how to publish a post on LinkedIn that actually gets engagement, let’s talk about the types of content you should be writing. Duplicate Content It’s never recommended to publish the exact same content twice. Why? Google penalizes websites with lots of duplicate content […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (2 of 4): Getting Results

Getting Results from Your Posts on LinkedIn Pulse After reading Part 1 of this series, you’ve successfully published a blog post on LinkedIn’s pulse. It will now appear: 1. On your LinkedIn profile: 2. In the feeds of your followers: and 3. In the Pulse page and mobile app But, wait! Your job is not […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (1 of 4): Step-by-Step How-to Guide

You’re probably already blogging on your own website and you’ve been curious about LinkedIn Pulse (which is also a fantastic app for Apple and Android for reading news stories). You get notifications whenever one of your connections has published a new post and you wonder if you can do it, too. I’m here to tell […]

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5 Romantic Gestures for your Website on Valentines Day

1. Show love regularly Valentine’s day is all about declaring your one true love and making them feel special. But, you shouldn’t only do this once a year. The same goes for your website. Take the time to show your website regular love and care. Stay current: Are all your listed staff still employed and […]

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Using Canva to Create Custom Visuals for your Blog Content

High quality content for your website or blog has long been important for a business’ online presence. But, the buck doesn’t stop there. Why Visual Content is so Important Technology has made it easier than ever to engage online using visually stimulating and instantaneous tools. Social networks such as Instagram, Youtube and SnapChat are proof […]

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Free Photos: No Strings Attached

Ever since Getty Images changed their policies, allowing their images to be embedded into your social media post or blog post for free, it seemed the creative commons digital photo industry had stopped. This embed feature had so many strings attached that it wasn’t a viable option. At the time, I wrote a blog post […]

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The Next Big Thing in Online Communication: ReplyAll

The blogging industry is changing. Many businesses have already grasped the benefits of corporate blogging and it’s becoming more challenging to stand out in RSS feeds, inboxes, and news publications. Blog-like conversations are happening on social media such as Facebook and Google+. Commenting systems, like Livefyre, are enhancing to embrace engagement via social conversations. What’s […]

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10 Tips to Master Blogging

In order to compete in the blogging community of your industry, you need to master a few necessary blogging components. We’ve gathered this list of 10 blogging tips to help you get there: 1. Write your heart out It’s easier to let your unedited thoughts flow from your brain, through your fingertips, and onto the […]

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15 Ways you Failed by Purchasing Images

If you are purchasing images for your business from Getty Images or any other online image purchasing source, you’ve failed at least 15 different ways. I know, it’s really a shame. Unless, of course, you enjoy spending large amounts of money on images. But we really doubt that. Take the fish photo below, for example. […]

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