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Blogging on LinkedIn (4 of 4): Don’t Focus on the Numbers

Don’t Focus on the Numbers, Focus on the Engagement I realize what I’m about to say is completely hypocritical of the title, but… Let’s talk about numbers. Even if you’ve followed my step-by-step tutorial on publishing on Pulse and used all of my suggestions for getting results and the best types of content, you may […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (3 of 4): Content to Publish

Types of Content to Publish on LinkedIn Pulse Now that it’s clear how to publish a post on LinkedIn that actually gets engagement, let’s talk about the types of content you should be writing. Duplicate Content It’s never recommended to publish the exact same content twice. Why? Google penalizes websites with lots of duplicate content […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (2 of 4): Getting Results

Getting Results from Your Posts on LinkedIn Pulse After reading Part 1 of this series, you’ve successfully published a blog post on LinkedIn’s pulse. It will now appear: 1. On your LinkedIn profile: 2. In the feeds of your followers: and 3. In the Pulse page and mobile app But, wait! Your job is not […]

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Blogging on LinkedIn (1 of 4): Step-by-Step How-to Guide

You’re probably already blogging on your own website and you’ve been curious about LinkedIn Pulse (which is also a fantastic app for Apple and Android for reading news stories). You get notifications whenever one of your connections has published a new post and you wonder if you can do it, too. I’m here to tell […]

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10 Steps to the Perfect Post on Instagram

Instagram is a relatively new social media, born 2010. Now that it has improved the functionality of sponsored ads and made them available to business of all shapes and sizes, many marketers are taking the social network more seriously. Rock your Instagram performance with these 10 basic steps. #1: Profile optimization Optimizing your Instagram profile […]

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8 Social Media Lessons From Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has come along way since her first “Love Story.” But, even if Taylor Swift gives you “Bad Blood” and doesn’t inspire you to “Shake it off,” she can still teach you a social media marketing lesson… or eight. Her latest album, 1989, and her admirable social media presence prove she’s a marketing genius. […]

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Staying Above the Social Media Curve with Emoji Hashtags

As a business, it’s important that you stay on top, if not above, the social media curve, right? “A leader is someone who demonstrates what’s possible.” – Mark Yarnell Well, in case you weren’t aware, Instagram launched 3 new filters last week. Oh, and something else. Introducing Emoji Hashtags! Many have said this is a […]

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5 Mind-Blowingly Awesome Facebook Page Cover Photos

We’ve talked a lot about cover photos lately. We’ve given you 10 steps to creating the perfect cover photo and shared 5 examples of dreadful Facebook cover photos to caution your designs. Today, I’m going to give you 5 examples of mind-blowing Facebook Page cover photos to inspire your designs. These folks have done it […]

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Lessons Learned: 5 Dreadful Facebook Cover Photos

Crafting the perfect Facebook cover photo is a lot harder than it sounds. Believe me when I tell you, almost no one does it well. There are many things to consider, in fact, we’ve outlined 10 steps: Creating the Perfect Cover Photo in 10 Steps. The most difficult to consider is how your cover photo […]

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