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  • 23rd September 201523/09/15
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I recently read a post by Vasudha Veeranna on Spin Sucks called ‘Content Curation Strategies for Social Media Managers.’ Vasudha is right, there are 3 types of content you can either curate or create for use on social media: Promotional, informative, and spontaneous.

Content Social Media

However, there are multiple ways that you can present these three types of content.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the different post types you can use in your social media strategy. Why? Because keeping things fresh and avoiding getting stuck in a rut of posting the same content all the time should be your ultimate goal of building a social media strategy.

Each social network is unique and offers different post type options. Let’s look at Twitter and Facebook as examples.

On Twitter you can tweet:

• Text only
• Links
• Hashtags
• Photos (up to 4 at a time)
• Gifs (that loop forever)
• Vines (6 second videos that loop forever)
• YouTube videos (can be played right from Twitter)
• 30-second videos created right from Twitter
• 30-second videos trimmed from a video on your device
• Quoted tweets
• Retweets

On Facebook you can post:

• Text only
• Link previews
• Hashtags
• Photos (1-42)
• Photo Albums
• Videos (maximum 1792MB)
• What you’re doing or feeling
• Posts shared from Instagram
• Shared posts from other people (with or without a description)
• Events
• Milestones
• Offer

Am I missing any?

While keeping in mind the 3 types of content you can create and curate, as Vasudha has mentioned in her post, you should also keep in mind the different types of posts for each social network.

Rather than always sharing a link to your latest blog post, why not spice things up a little? For example:


Create a fun (and branded) infographic in Canva that highlights some of the main points from your blog post (but don’t give away everything).*

Social Media Infographic


Turn your blog post’s featured image into an image/graphic teasing the reader about the topic (don’t forget to link to your website for more information).*


Make an event post about a live video broadcast you’re going to host where people can ask questions about your latest blog topic.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.53.59 PM


Share a gif that hilariously explains a common problem your customers face, along with a catchy line of text.


Record a short video clip teasing the topic of your blog post and post on social media with a link to the full post on your website.

* Keep in mind each social network has unique post image sizing.

Certain post types perform better with certain audiences. Experiment with all of the post types, if you can, until you find a few that your audience really enjoys. The important thing is to keep things fresh, exciting, and different.

Kelsey Vere

Social Content & New Media Specialist at Digital eMspace
As the Social Content & New Media Specialist for Digital eMspace, a division of Inc, Kelsey is the sole contributor to Digital eMspace's Blog and a fellow contributor to Inc.'s blog, with Samantha Collier. Kelsey also manages Digital eMspace, Inc., and's social media networks. Kelsey graduated with distinction from the Advertising Program at Conestoga College and won the Outstanding Achievement Award of 2012/13.

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